TechLink Services Insurance Policy

When a TechLink contractor accepts a work order they agree that they must provide a certificate of General Liability Insurance (GL) with $1 million in coverage and Workman’s Compensation Insurance (WC) (where applicable, please see below) to TechLink Services as outlined in the Field Technician Agreement that you will sign (or have signed) during your TechLink onboarding.

GL, WC, and W9 Information Matching 
The insured name and address on the GL and WC must match the W9 that will be (or currently is) in the SIMPL portal. You can check your documents by logging into the SIMPL portal and selecting “Company Details” on the left navigation. Then select the “Insurance/Docs” tab in the main window. Here you will find all your documents where you can review and update them. 

Deactivation Due to Expired GL or WC 
You will be notified by the SIMPL platform when your GL or WC is due to expire. If you allow your GL or WC to expire within the platform, your account will be deactivated, and you will not be eligible to receive work orders until it has been reinstated. 

Reinstating Your GL or WC 
Once you receive a notice of your expiring GL or WC, or if they have lapsed, contact your insurance provider to obtain updated documents and submit them to

To safeguard your account from deactivation due to possible GL or WC expiration, it’s good practice to notify your insurance provider to automatically send your updated GL and WC to this email:  

Backdating GL or WC is Not Possible 
If you are a technician who has recently been added to the SIMPL portal without insurance or a current technician who does not have insurance, during the time frame of not having insurance and then obtaining insurance, you will be charged a 1.5% fee per work order, which is explained in the GL section of this page. Once you receive your insurance, TechLink will not backdate it to cover old work orders that had the fees when you were without insurance. 

General Liability Insurance (GL) 

GL provides coverage for you if something is to be damaged during a work order. TechLink highly recommends technicians obtain GL with coverage of $1 million in order to be eligible to receive high-end work orders and to cover any unforeseen accidents on the job site. 

Non-GL Technician Fee 
If you do not have GL, the work orders that will be available to you will be limited to tickets that do not contain expensive components and you will incur a 1.5% fee. This fee is not a replacement for GL, it only covers TechLink’s exposure for small incidentals that might happen with uninsured technicians. The small fee TechLink charges do not include the ability to file a claim against TechLink’s insurance policy. If you damage a high-value piece of equipment without having GL insurance, you will be liable for the replacement costs. We highly recommend obtaining this insurance so you will not only be covered if an accident happens, but you’ll also be available for work orders containing high-end technology. 

Make TechLink a Certificate Holder on your GL 
If you do have GL but don’t have TechLink Services listed as a certificate holder, then you will need to have your insurance company add TechLink to the policy. You do not need to have a separate GL policy per IT field services company that you accept work orders from, TechLink just needs to be added to the list of certificate holders on your original GL policy. The information that needs to be added to the certificate holder section is:   

Certificate Holder:
TechLink Services, LLC
750 NW Charbonneau
Suite 201
Bend, OR 97703

GL Coverage:
$1 Million

Insurance Types that are not Accepted for GL 
Other types of insurance policies like professional liability insurance, medical insurance, auto insurance, and homeowners’ insurance do not qualify for GL and will not be accepted for this requirement. 

Workman’s Compensation Insurance (WC)

WC provides medical and wage benefits to people who are injured or become ill at work.

WC Exemption 
In both the United States and Canada, sole proprietors are not mandated to have workman’s compensation insurance. In addition, Texas is the only exempt state where this insurance coverage is an option. 

If you are a sole proprietor or live in Texas and do not want to purchase workman’s compensation insurance and want to be exempt from this requirement, you must fill out TechLink’s Workers Compensation Exemption form and submit it to the provided email within the form. 

Where to Obtain GL and WC 

If you do not have GL or WC and would like to obtain them, we recommend talking to your current insurance provider and seeing about bundling it with your other policies, it might reduce your costs. Here are some other resources for GL and WC, not listed in any particular order: 

Monthly Payment Coverage:
Next Insurance

Other Insurance Providers:
Hiscox Insurance Co
Shelter Mutual Insurance Company
Travelers Insurance