Exposure and Sickness

If you are sick, please make sure to alert your TechLink Project Manager so we can reschedule or postpone the jobs you are assigned to. Your safety and health are important to us, as well as our clients and their staff.

Please stay home if you are sick!

If you have been exposed to Covid-19, please take the proper precautions, and get tested. If you prefer to not get tested, we ask that you alert us so we can reassign your work for the next 10 days forward.  If you have tested positive, please stay home for the CDC recommendation of 5 days. We ask that you isolate until you have been symptom-free for 24 hours.

Taking Work

Being vaccinated is a personal choice and we respect that. We do not require vaccinations for you to accept work orders, but we do ask you to please respect both TechLink’s client’s and their customer’s job site requirements, together with local mandates regarding COVID-19 when on the job site. Regardless of being vaccinated, we ask that all technicians wear a mask on-site to keep both you and our clients, as safe as possible from any unknown exposures.

Techlink has several clients within the medical community that do require technicians that enter to be vaccinated, just like their medical staff, as we are performing work around patients. When we are alerted of this requirement for those facilities, our Project Manager may inquire about your vaccination status in advance, as you will be asked to present a vaccination card before entering the medical building for the job you are assigned to.

If you have received your vaccination and would like to declare it on your profile, you can do so within the SIMPL portal by adding it as a skill. Your declaration will greatly speed up the time needed to source technicians for work orders that require vaccinations. To declare your vaccination in the portal, log into the SIMPL portal and click your name on the top right of the web page, this will take you to your account page. On your account page, select the “Skills” tab, then find the “Enter skills” form field. Type “covid” into the Enter skills form field and select the “COVID Vaccinated” skill option. Press the “Add Skill” button to add it to your profile.